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Do you know that in 2014 the number of people worldwide using smartphones reached 1.75 billion? And the sites that have a mobile version are getting the higher positions in the search engines?

People love to explore the vast the Internet space through the small screens of their phones. It is convenient, it can be done at any time, it is particularly preferred when ride on a bus, subway or waiting in line.

Advancement of technology allows us to watch videos, read articles, play games, use applications, shop, pay bills, transfer money and so on and so forth. Your site fall within any of these categories? Super! And do you have a mobile site?


What does your website to be mobile?

This means it can be optimized for mobile devices and we do not mean just your page to load when you type it, it must be pre-structured. To be seen through the eyes of the man with the phone. What would he see? What is the most important information you would like to appear on the small screen? Maybe it’s a good idea even if the design is slightly changed, only for the mobile site? These are your preferences and we of Web Visuality are ready to fulfill them.

Is your site a product?

Of course it is. Whether someone will make an impression whether your site optimized? Perhaps, no one can say for sure. But let the one, who felt it remain fascinated that the details are thought out to last and it is a place where work perfectionists. Well, do you need to have a mobile site?

Why your site should be mobile?

Besides smartphones, a large percentage of people use tablets and some e-readers also allow access to sites on the Internet. What does it mean? Except that the smartphone market, there are also market tablets and electronic readers and who has covered your site already, the market for computers. Will you leave „mobile“ people to harass, to increase and approaching the size of the site until you see it, rather than their convenience and create impactful visit?

Millions, billions of users. Think about them. Have a mobile site.

мобилен уеб сайт

You might say, „Well, what the hell that the site does not look good over the phone, at least it’s working, who would notice“. And you’re right. Actually works. But let me reveal something one of the top 5 companies in the world do with their devices. Ever since Steve Jobs and his team created the first computer – the Macintosh, he was extremely demanding in terms of detail. For example, one of the most important things for him was inside the computer can be perfect, tidy and beautiful. Why, you might ask? Why an invisible part should be as complete, as his appearance? Because the perfection of a product must be expressed in any part thereof.

Web Visuality will be happy to help you with development of the site for mobile devices and together to recreate the same information from the same site on many different devices!