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You need social pages or profiles?

As important is optimized for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for your site, it second place would be invested in their presence like in Facebook – the second most visited website in the world. Of course it is advisable to attend all social networks because it will build important links to your site and you will be ranked well in search engines, but consolidation of positions in Facebook is a topic that deserves to be discussed separately from the rest.

грижа за социални профили и страници

What is required to get noticed in the social networks?

If you really want to stand out from the millions of pages that are competing for the attention of nearly a billion people every day who visit social networks, then you really need to dig into the details, down to the smallest detail. Things like page name, relevant url addresses, well completed about page, SEO optimization (yes, here!), strategy and goals of the site are just the first steps that need to do. They are followed by scheduling.

To publish at least two weeks ahead of election communicating profile and cover photo tracking statistics for views, likes and interactions, so-called Facebook Insights, communicate with followers, replying to the comments and their messages. All these things create a good impression on viewers calm people and significantly reinforces their desire to understand more why you’re there and what you’re doing.

What is required to be followed in social networks?

What tied it all?

With time. Efforts. Perseverance. Patience. Caring for a social profile, what you talk about more than one, should constitute a separate „division“ in your company or enterprise. Skills, attitudes and actions

to be carried out are completely different from those needed to manage a business, to think how he could improve in the long term, what are the customers who will

pay most attention, what is the budget. Caring for the social profiles should not be the task of the most important people in a project – be it business, freelancing, cause, organization, NGO or whatever else.

Web Visuality team is ready to take responsibility for managing your social pages

Since this is part of our business, we are willing to devote time and effort to make your presence in social networking tool for communication, information, enrichment and support of your followers to carry out the purchase or any other desired action . The question e... do you believe that this is an activity that is important to be delegated to someone else?