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As almost there isn’t business without a website, a man with a profession without a website, cause or organization without web site, so there are many who have, but they were not in service in any way, and even interfere. Why? Because a significant portion of people frivolous approach to its Internet presence, quickly create a website with theme, packed it with ads, original content, logos, links to their products and big red flashing reading „BUY HERE AND NOW.“ Do you think this works? What impression these sites leave to people who have visited them? With what they will associate the name and the logo when they see is somewhere else?

преработка на уеб сайт

The rules have changed

преди и след

How should the site look like and what content should be filled has changed dramatically over the years and today if you really have a desire to be a factor and to be discoverable in all existing search engines, it is important to comply with the new rules. Maybe you need a complete overhaul of the site? No traffic to your site? The behavior of people when they come to your site is very chaotic, leave quickly? The statistics are not very encouraging? Hard selling what you offer?

Change with them

It's not as scary as it seems. We asked these questions only you can answer them and to get the idea about your present situation. Remember that it is temporary and nothing is irreversible. It is entirely possible to become the darling of Google and even be shown on the first page. But it is necessary to change everything, starting from the basics. If any element of your site is not going well, the problem is not what provision people. And in how you provide. Processing of existing website can help it.

How can I know what needs to be changed?

The team of Web Visuality can help you for that. We can analyze the current performance of the site, extract the necessary information and based on it we can begin to make changes. They can be tied to the design, used with certain key phrases and words. Your site might need SEO optimization. Perhaps there is incorrectly placed banners that repel people. Or maybe you have great content, but it is not good optimized or is not in line with the design and the overall feeling that creates the site. The number of sites with lovely details and no attendance is too large. Let make and yours’ not to fall among them.


Once we have this information, we are ready to begin intensive work on improving and even building new foundations on which to stand your idea, product or cause. We have seen many great ideas die just because they were not optimized and properly served to the virtual world. We are sure that you have something with to contribute to society and even to the world. For this we are ready to get on with itto understand it properly and to reach as many people possible. Amazingly, it really can be achieved even after a complete overhaul, with no change in content.