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One of the most successful and reliable advertising on the Internet is the use of banners

Advertising banners, both physical and virtual, are one of the tools used for construction of image, product or brand positioning and presence of a company in a place that has gathered a lot of people or space on the internet, which many people can see.

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By definition, online banner advertising is just a link embedded in a graphic image of text, rather than just text. When a user clicks on the image, hyperlink redirects to another site that is associated with advertising. In 2010, advertisers around the world have invested approximately $5.9 billion for the banner.

What are the advantages of having online banner?

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Above all, they are a useful tool for „escalation“ of the client by complete ignorance of your product or service to removed the fore thought. With enough Internet presence, your online banner may be a subliminal connection that people make with your brand, think about the area in which they operate. They present the information in an unobtrusive way and are often the preferred method of advertising according to users, finding them far less annoying than other pop-up ads everywhere.

The online banner is not a static picture with text

The good designers of banners can add media, animation, slideshow or video is automatically placing to leave a memorable impression on every visitor. They may also, at any time, change partially or totally, it's your discretion. Online banners can be designed in charge of this site, which adds that little extra adjustment, the touch of genius that distinguishes the ordinary from the extraordinary. Besides all the creation of an online banner is available exclusively from the price, and the ability to choose what kind of audience to be displayed according to location and other factors is a significant advantage.

Web Visuality know how to do it

Our team is ready to take full responsibility for creating, optimizing, tuning and positioning of your online banner. We will use our skills and creativity to create beautiful and distinctive banner that combine the vision and image of your business. Considering presence „anywhere“ is very important nowadays, it is advisable to always start from small graphical and textual representation of your activity to meet as much as possible glances and start to assert your positions!

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