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For what the search engines serves?

Nowadays over 90% of visits to sites comes from three global search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing. They are mainly used tool to navigate the user. And it’s normal – you open the search engine, enter the phrase or word that you are interested in and programmed robots turned the whole internet space for you and they show you thecontent, that is closest to your keyword/s and what’s more – the most valuable.

To enable the search engines to see value in you and to make your site to be on top positions in the searches, you need to prove yourself. And this is not easy. They need to see in you traits that they like. They want to see that you are genuine. That you really want to contribute to the people. That the content you offer is different, unique and enriching.

какво е търсачка

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process

оптимизация за търсачки

It is necessary to make efforts. Why? Because to be on the first page of Google or even more – in the first place is something extremely expensive and brings unlimited possibilities with it. People pay attention to only the first 3 to 8 search results. Imagine you to be the first option, the most recommended. This means that at fifty thousand searches a month, 95% of people will come to you. Continuous advertising. The best recommendation. Recommendation of Google, that your website, business, hobby, enterprise is safe and you’re an authority figure in your field. There is sence from the search engine optimization, right?

But above all, let’s clear up some things:

  • We will explain anything you do not understand.
  • Optimizing your site is not a momentary process, it’s long and continuous.
  • The ranking of your website will take time.
  • We will take into cautious the activity of your site and we will give you instructions that you should follow.
  • After achieving the optimization, it should be continued to be supported.

формиране на стратегия

In time, we will achieve the desired result! But…

we have to got maximum tenacity and will.

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Our team

Web Visuality relies heavily on SEO to work with clients and we are always inspired to pave the way any bold venture to the top of search engines. Why? We have seen and believe in their strength. We've seen ordinary sites to become extraordinary. We've seen blogs turn into businesses for hundreds of thousands of dollars. We have seen people make of their books bestsellers in Amazon, for example, just because they have reached a huge audience of people through proper SEO and mostly held them. To hold the top spot for a search on Google is like having a huge capital that can become a hundred times more or you can lose it.

Web Visuality is ready to help And you, are you ready to optimize your site?


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