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Internet advertising is the result of a combination of TV, print and our evolutin as civilization

Significantly easier to manage, more predictable, affordable, measurable and closely targeted, the Internet advertising is todays running marketing tool. Whereas before people had themselves to seek more information about the advertised product or service, heard on television or radio, today’s Internet advertising completely exclude this factor, allowing everyone saw the ad with one click to transfer to the place where you can thoroughly examine and to make an informed purchase decision or other action. You know what you will get with investing in Internet advertising.

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What types of Internet advertising are there?

  • Web banner – advertising image, positioning in a certain website, most often common with the one advertised. Clicking on the banner, the user is transferred to the main site, where it can be taken through certain steps, aiming to get more information, to leave his contacts or even make purchases.
  • Paid article – some authoritative blogs or websites offer service to write an article or interview for another website, company or organization, thus all their active readers (already established and fascinated) will be familiar with your activities. This works extremely well and we’ve seen how many blogs increase their attendance with 200-300% only after an article published on an authoritative website.
  • Texted link – message, short message or name of organization, which contains a hyperlink in itself, leading to another site. This type of Internet advertising is affordable and can be extremely effective if the text is really thought out located in a place where it is assumed that the user will be prompted to click in advance. This is other the most popular sites in the same area.
  • Advertising square – small space, again located on the famous, relevant to the subject, site, which can put a picture and text, briefly describing the activity or why the user should follow this ad, placed in a visible location in another favorite site to visit.

And these are just some of the opportunities that the Internet advertising offers…

The team of Web Visuality can be your partner in optimizing and preparing the site for the advertising campaign strategy in detail, anticipating costs, milestones and deadlines, preparing the promotional materials themselves, graphics and text. Careful monitoring, analysis during the campaign and making needed changes. Periodic reporting.

We are sure that your initiative deserves to reach a larger audience. We believe that it is needed and to reach out and be presented properly. The first impression stays first. Whether it’s already established company or newcomers, a skillfully conducted advertising campaign may well be an invaluable asset and cause a negative effect. For this it is necessary to approach this process carefully.