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Can you imagine how would the Internet look without Google?

Like a ten millionth city without traffic signs, traffic lights and lane – people will be confused, misinformed and hard to find exactly what they need. Now picture the population of approximately a hundred times – this is what would like the Internet without Google.

Why search engines are so important nowadays?

Google, Yahoo, Bing – three world search engines are the main tools that help people navigate through the vast internet space and to reach this information, product, service, person or entertainment they need. For hundredths of a second, they roll over „the spacious“ database and it shows what is most useful and relevant to the entered word or phrase. Awesome, right?

Occupying such an important position and real power over what is shown, Google logically has become the biggest advertiser in the world. Fortunately they did not use its power against us – rather, trying to help. How? Through various tools and programs as their best for now remains Google AdWords advertising.

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What is AdWords?


Let us see how a person spends his time in the search engines:

  1. coined the word and phrase that interested him.
  2. for one second in my show millions of results.
  3. the most valuable and relevant are displayed on the first page.
  4. the first three links are those most often a user chooses.
  5. if you started an advertising campaign through Google AdWords for the word that user is looking for, then your site is after the first three.
  6. which one of them he will choose to click?

Whit what AdWords advertising is better than traditional advertising?

  • Every aspect of your campaign is accurately measured, starting from the number of clicks, views, click through rates (CTR), conversions, cost per click (CPC), etc.
  • This information is very easy to calculate the return of the investment – something that is very difficult to achieve in traditional marketing.
  • There is no way the money to be spent in vain (unless making mistakes in the preliminary preparation of the campaign), because you’re setting a budget and you pay only when the customer reaches your site or he/she clicked on it – the main goal of each campaign.
  • Here it is not so important if the competition has a larger budget. Google always tries to show the most relevant information first, so if your site is optimized properly, has valuable content that is better targeted to the keyword or phrase, then even with a smaller budget you will be placed on higher position than other advertised site.
  • You can set very narrow specifics of your campaign such as this like a particular region of the world, mainly spoken language, time zone, mobile optimization. This way you will be sure that your advertising reaches the right people.
The most important thing in conducting a Google AdWords advertising to work with a team of people who carefully monitor how the campaign proceeds and make necessary adjustments. Over time, they may prove to be an invaluable asset, increasing the number of visits with no real increase in the price. As already mentioned, the chance to discover untapped resources to AdWords advertising is minimal, but still ... only when it's not taken enough responsible to the campaign and important details are missed.

Web Visuality are ready to assume the responsibility of the successful running of your online advertising. And you, are you ready to start one?