Undoubtedly advertising has always been a fundamental part of the development strategy of each company, cause or endeavor. Some things do not change with time, but advertising is certainly not one of them.

What is changing in the advertising world?

In the classic form, it and it continues to become less effective. People often stare in television advertising, billboards often aside without even notice them, but what about flying flyers that are like everyone wants to submit.

Internet is a place where people like to spend their time and smart companies shifting their marketing campaigns there. Moreover, investments are considerably smaller and far more effective.


What advertising methods we can use the Internet?

The process of „disclosure“ of your site in the three global search engines through proper allocation and positioning of keywords and phrases on separate pages in the site.
This type of advertising support driving traffic to your website through strategically placed banners you marketing materials. You can now tune your budget such as this can be $ 5 a day or a few cents per click.
Putting code in the „cookies“ to your every visitor, you can reach it even after you leave the site as it will appear on ads in all the places he visited. This will remind him that if he has unfinished business on your site.
Extremely strong and used tool nowadays. Facebook has a huge community with a variety of people and their interests. With Facebook advertising, you can very specifically pointed to what people aspire to be able to reach most of your potential customers to see what they suggest. Again, you can determine your budget with which to operate and the duration of your campaign.
Creating meaningful videos and uploading them to YouTube, you put yourself and your enterprise puts you in a very good position, as first Google will start showing your site in search engines on better positions, people can easily share your video and even if it’s not a million views, the traffic that you can target may be significant.
This is one of the best tools for advertising nowadays, since most people need more time before making a purchase. They need the information. With email list you have the opportunity to build a relationship with all your followers and regularly fills them with quality content before you offer your product or service.
We, from Web Visuality, are focusing our efforts on Internet advertising, Google Adwords and Facebook advertising. Each has its advantages and works well for some cases, while others not so. The effect of a well conducted marketing campaign can be stunning. For this we are ready to discuss with you which way would be most favorable and we will begin to labor hard to spread the message you!